UNMRA and Climate

February 13, 2024

The UNM Retiree Association and Action on Climate Change

The residents of New Mexico cannot help but notice what is happening in New Mexico and the rest of our planet as a consequence of human-caused climate change. As citizens and as retirees we must support efforts to limit the magnitude of future climate change. The UNMRA Board believes we have a special obligation to make sure our legacy is not merely the expression of sympathies but that we did what we could to accelerate the transformation from a fossil fuel economy to one that is sustainable and environmentally responsible. Such actions help ensure the best world for future UNM students, faculty, and staff.

While there are many ways to encourage this transformation, one small but immediate step is to unambiguously endorse the goals of the UNM Coalition on Climate. We join with current students (ASUNM and GPSA), faculty (United Academics and the Faculty Senate) and staff (Staff Council) in requesting UNM’s Leadership establish specific steps and timelines that move UNM’s Endowment toward investments that help rebuild the climate, that makes connections with NM communities affected by climate change, and that introduce effective day-to-day changes in operations to reduce UNM’s own greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Steps such as these broadly reflect the goals and values of the members of the UNM Retiree Association as well as those of the UNM and NM communities as a whole. We note that many other educational institutions are taking similar steps and, as former educators and staff who have dedicated themselves to fostering a just and equal society, we believe UNM’s leadership should expressly address the climate change crisis in their efforts to foster the same.


For more background on Climate Change, please see this introduction