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Membership dues are currently $15 for an individual, and $20 for a household (retiree and spouse/partner or a two retiree household).

Multiple years may be paid for at the following rates:

  • Two Years $25 (household $35)
  • Three Years $35 (household $50)
  • Four Years $45 (household $65)
  • Five Years $50 (household $75)
  • LIFE Member $100

(Spouses dues remain at $5 additional per year).

Please Note:  Renewals are due on the anniversary of membership.

Any retired faculty or staff employee, and any spouse, partner, widow, or widower of any retired employee of the University of New Mexico may become a member of the Association upon payment of annual dues. Any retiree from a four-year institution of higher education may become a member of the Association upon payment of annual dues. Any currently employed UNM faculty or staff member eligible for retirement or within one year of eligibility may become a member of the Association upon payment of annual dues. Only UNM retirees shall vote, be members of the board, or hold office. Retired UNM employees, for the purpose of being eligible for membership in the Association, shall include retired employees of all branch campuses, foundations and other affiliated organizations of the University, and shall exclude those retired employees of the Health Science Center Clinical Facilities subject to the policies of the HSC Clinical Operations Board (per Board of Regents policy 2.13).

Benefits of Joining

The following are some of the benefits of belonging to the UNM Retiree Association:

  • Informational updates on new policies, or changes in policies, affecting UNM retirees;
  • Newsletter highlighting activities of the Association and pertinent information for UNM retirees;
  • Invitations to speaker events and small group programs.
  • Benefits update. The UNM Retiree Association stays informed of any proposed changes in benefits for retirees. If the changes are beneficial, they will be supported. If they are not, the Association works with University authorities to make necessary changes.
  • Opportunities for formal and informal interactions with other retirees such as the Annual Membership Meeting and Monthly Programs. Business matters of the Association are deliberated at the Annual Meeting.

Are You a Member?

Thanks to you who have renewed your membership in the Retiree Association. If you are not sure of your membership status, please contact the Association at

To Join or Renew

Join or renew online.

Download a membership application to join or renew by mail.

Membership dues are effective based on the date of enrollment. If you have questions, please contact the chairperson of the membership committee at

Sample Activities

There is an Annual Business Meeting in the Spring, a Winter Holiday social event in mid-December, speaker presentations, guided tour events, and a variety of activities that members may pursue in smaller groups. Members also receive E-mails/Newsletters that keep them updated on announcements, university developments pertinent to retirees, and any special activities.