The UNM Retiree Association Welcomes You!

What is the UNM Retiree Association?

Created in 2003, the UNM Retiree Association represents and promotes the welfare and interests of all retired UNM employees. Since 2007 the UNM Retiree Association has held a formal advisory role to the UNM Board of Regents and University Administration.

Some of the additional benefits of membership in the UNM Retiree Association:

  • Informational updates on new policies, or changes in policies, affecting UNM retirees;
  • Newsletter highlighting activities of the Association and pertinent information for UNM retirees;
  • Invitations to speaker events and small group programs.
  • Benefits update. The UNM Retiree Association stays informed of any proposed changes in benefits for retirees. If the changes are beneficial, they will be supported. If they are not, the Association works with University authorities to make necessary changes.
  • Opportunities for formal and informal interactions with other retirees such as the Annual Membership Meeting and Monthly Programs. Business matters of the Association are deliberated at the Annual Meeting.


Contribute to UNM Retiree Association's Student Scholarship Support:

As part of our contribution to the campus community, the UNMRA makes an annual contribution to the Presidential Scholars Fund which in partnership with the UNM Financial Aid Office and the Lottery Success Scholarship, supports a student each year, as well as to our own scholarship fund, which we established in 2021 to help deserving students cover the costs of fees that students pay above and beyond their tuition. This year we awarded $1000 for two fee-scholarships of $500 each to two students. These scholarships are funded from our membership dues, which are relatively modest. In an attempt to increase the number of scholarships we can award, we are asking members to consider making a donation to these funds in addition to their membership fee. Contributions to both of these efforts can be made on Retiree Association's Online Store at the UNM Marketplace:

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