June 25, 2024 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Rotunda of the UNM Science and Technology Building, 801 University Blvd. SE.

Please join us for the 2023 UNM Retiree Association General Meeting on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

Reilly S. White, PhD will be speaking on From Paychecks to Pensions:Redefifining Retirement in the 21st Century


UNM Science and Technology Building, 801 University Blvd. SE. 

Parking is free in the Parking Structure with Parking Code: 1937581

  1. Park in any numbered stall
  2. Proceed to nearest pay station
  3. Select "STP Visitor" from the screen display
  4. Enter stall number
  5. Enter code number
  6. Collect Receipt

There is no need to return to your vehicle to display the receipt.  The pay station will track the validation by the stall number. 

We will be offering this meeting on Zoom, as well.   
Check your email or email retiree@unm.edu for Zoom link.

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