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Legislative Committee

Bylaws Charge

Article 7: Committees of the Association (2019)

7.1.5 | The Legislative Committee shall coordinate the legislative business of the Association as directed by the Board of Directors including monitoring and reporting Education Retirement Board activities. The Legislative Committee will coordinate legislative and state agency advocacy efforts on behalf of the Retiree Association.

2018-2019 Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is co-chaired by Pug Burge and Dubra Karnes-Padilla. If you would like to become involved, please feel free to contact us. The committee has met monthly in the past, but as the legislative season heats up, we’ll probably meet more often.

Members of the UNMRA Legislative Committee:


In addition, we attend NMERB Board and Legislative Committee meetings. We report back to the UNMRA Board any issue that may affect your defined-benefit pension. Our involvement is important and it makes a difference when we are a presence at these meetings. Legislators notice when visitors identify themselves as UNMRA. If you’d like to attend these meetings, please contact us.

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